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The following policies have the fairness of the artists as well as DBTheOne equally in mind. If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions regarding any of the policies listed below, please contact DB immediately.


Thank you all!

Updated 4/26/2022

BOOKING - SCHEDULING - Cancellations

-All bookings must be done through the website.


- Payments must be made either in full at the time of booking, or for cash bookings, no later than the session day.

- "CASH" payment methods require a $50 deposit at the time of booking. Failure to provide a deposit within 24hrs after booking may result in a cancellation of your session. You will be contacted first to confirm the session before any cancellation occurs.

-Rescheduling or Cancelling with no penalty is allowed up to 24hrs before the scheduled booking. If a Cancellation is required up to 24hrs before the session a full refund can be requested.


-Same day cancellations or No Shows are not liable for refunds. Same day rescheduling is not an option. You will be responsible for the entire amount of the reserved time. If you've reserved a time slot, keep in mind that no one else can book that time slot. So please make sure you can make your session. 

-If you chose a CASH payment, and need to reschedule your session for a different day, then you will have to rebook and resubmit a new deposit for the new session.

-Everyone gets text/email reminders the day before the session. So please make any adjustments before the day of your sessions. If you are not getting the reminders please contact me immediately so that I can better assist you.

For any further questions or concerns please contact me via email or click the link below.

recording and mixing

-Reference mixing is included during the session time and is done during, up until the end of the session (if there is additional time remaing). A Reference Mix is a rough draft adequate for listening purposes. A complete mix is usually not, and cannot be done during a general recording session.

- For a completed detailed mix that extends outside of the initial recording session a "MIXING SESSION" will have to be booked and purchased. This includes a full mix, as well as listening to the song on multiple mediums and making fine tuned adjustments where necessary.

-Mixing sessions may require multiple visits to a song. 


* I recommend making note of all adjustment preferences before hand and making a decision based off of that. No extensive mixing will be done outside of a purchased recording or mixing session!

custom beats

-For Beat making sessions, a completed  beat is not promised by end of session. You will, however get a solid foundation to write to and vibe with. Further details or instruments may be added after the session (at no additional cost). 

-The "Beat Making" session is the deposit for the beat. Once the beat is completed, the remainder of the balance will be paid through a secured portal where the artist will receive all unmastered track outs, files, and the license agreement. This ensures that the artists always has access to their files/contracts.

- No CUSTOM EXCLUSIVE beat will be put on any other promotional sites. However, the beat will remain on the DBTheOne Beat store and marked as "Sold".

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