studio 1
recording and mixing studio

Founded by record producer and recording/mixing engineer David "DBTheOne" Bogan. Stationed in Sacramento, CA, Studio 1 has become home for numerous up-and-coming artists that have found comfort and working with DBTheOne.

Here, an artist can not only get great quality recording and mixing, but also they become a part of a vast network of artists, musicians, and creatives that love to share ideas and business ventures. Along with that, an artist can expect guidance and advice during the record to bring out the best of their song. 

The goal is all around growth. We work hard, we work smart, we respect each other and encourage each other with love. So lets work; become a part of the Studio 1 collective!

music in the moment






FLStudio v.20 with stock and Waves11 signature plugins.

Protools coming soon.

Yamaha HS8s and Rokit KRK5s (gen 1)

Aston Origin Mic with an Alcatron PF8 mic enclosure.

Private restrooms not accessible to open public. 

Plenty of restaurants and grocery stores within 1-5 mile radius.

Central heating and A/C

Room temperature water provided.

Refrigerator w/ freezer and microwave.

*Please limit guests if possible. The room is an open space, so any background noises are distractions and can be picked up in the mic.

* It is a public building so no smoking. Vaping is allowed inside the room only. 

*Please respect the grounds, building staff, and each other. Disrespect of anyone will not be allowed.!